Global international projects for engineering, production and application of basalt fiber and composites

Basalt Projects Group

Group of companies ranked №1, which is making a significant contribution to the development of the world market of continuous basalt fiber (CBF) and basalt composites since 2011

Continuous Basalt Fiber

Reinforcing fiber for composite materials acquired from volcanic rock of basalt composition
Basalt fiber is a structural material of the 21st century, the interest in which is rising every day all over the world.

Continuous basalt fiber has a set of enhanced features that distinguishes it from other fibers used in industry.
Throughout the previous economic history, the main structural materials in the industry were mono-materials: metals, polymers, ceramics.

The development of modern technology requires the creation of materials that have a low bulk density, high strength characteristics, high filtering and absorbing capabilities, and are able to withstand thermal loads, influence of aggressive environments.

One of the types of such materials is continuous basalt fiber, materials based on which have the following important properties: porosity, temperature resistance, electromagnetic and chemical resistance.

Specializations of the Basalt Project Group

Our experience is one of our proudest assets. We have been seeking to develop the basalt industry for more than 7 years. Our experts will be pleased to share their expertise based on the knowledge of what is now trending in the market.
Engineering specialization
Design and construction of plants, manufacture and supply of equipment
Information specialization
The largest media resource devoted to the basalt theme. News, scientific and technical materials are publishing since 2014
Scientific specialization
Applied research and scientific developments of new composite products and production of prototypes
Our partners
Contacts and Representations
We are going beyond verbal statements and intentions and dynamically moving towards achieving our goals and implementation of our plans.
We are always ready for constructive dialogue with all those involved in any basalt fiber production stage and those using or planning to use basalt fiber. We are pleased to share our own experience or listen to your suggestions and offers.
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